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Stack up your fears, that's shit you'll never need

Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

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HE REMEMBERS YOU?!?! you go!!! You go Glenn Cocoa. Four for you!!! So proud!! *high five*

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Yes! I showed him my tattoo and said “idk if you remember me” and he said he does omg

I gave Jordan the scrapbook (: he said he remembers me


Many of you know about the scrapbook I am creating for the ready set to give to him this Saturday at warped tour. I have received a few submissions and tonight will be the last night I’m accepting them. If you have ANYTHING you want to show or tell Jordan, now is the time. Don’t be shy!

Please submit anything to my ask box or my email address (

Please note that your name or Tumblr will be included with your submission unless you state otherwise.

Feel free to share this to spread the word!

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I like how he acknowledges the cough (sorry for the bad quality audio)

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This is so adorable, omfg. 

vic’s so small w

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